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Pokemon Red GameBoy Rom

Nowadays, Pokemon has become a common word among kids worldwide and with its new editions coming consistently with more features; it has become all the more popular.

The new Pokemon Red and blue presents a unique blend of training, trading, exploration and battling that is a much more in-depth version of the original and which forces a player to interact with others so as to truly experience the fun it can provide. The game is long, interesting and can really make the player intangibly addictive.

Gameplay - The gameplay is set in a third-person overhead perspective in which gamers make the main protagonist move through the fictional world consisting of various fictional objects and people which help or toughen the game. Players play in different terrains like grass, forests, caves, seas etc. where different kinds of Pokemon live and player has to battle with them.

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So, the main aim is to develop and raise your Pokemon by accumulating experience points and eventually a level up on which depends the Pokemon’s physical properties and battle moves. So, one has to complete all of the entries in Pokedex, a Pokemon encyclopedia by obtaining all 151 creatures.

The new features in this game are the various glitches which make a player able to duplicate items or obtain a rare Pokemon. Also, there is lots of ‘glitch Pokemon’ which when bumped into, appears as a group of pixels and may even cause some malfunctioning in games.

Red and Blue also received the praising for mutiplayer options by critics and especially for the concept of trading. In 2009, it appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records’ under the titles of ‘Best selling RPG on the Game Boy’ and ‘Best Selling RPG all time’.

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Pokemon Red Version

The Main Culprit of Rocking Your Game World

Pokemon can never be denied that they have incredibly conquered the American market and hypnotized millions of kids to buy them. It started in 1998 where children across the world have embraced this phenomenon. Parents on the other hand, have been spending too much on this stuff just for the love and satisfaction of their kids. I am sure that those who were born during the 90’s would agree with what I am saying. Like me, your childhood way back then has also been influenced by this phenomenon too. You have been creating a Pokemon savvy out of yourself and consider it as part of your childhood. Who among of the 90’s babies that were not engrossed by the Pokemon Red Version? If there exists to be one, though I hate to be mean, but I think that kid was lacking a part of its own childhood career. To all haters, you must agree with me that this game has become a great phenomenon that was ever created by Game Freak. Well, thanks to Satoshi Tajiri and his team for a job well done that will never lose the hearts of many kids and even the older ones.

About the Story: 6

Anyway, the story of the first Pokemon game was very effortless to think about for even the kids can easily relate to it. Maybe it is because the Developers never expected it to be famous eventually. All they wanted is to create this game without thinking huge in the future. In other words, they never really intended Pokemon to become very celebrated as it actually did. Anyhow, the story of Pokemon started with a kid named Ash Ketchum (commonly known as Red in the game) who wanted to become a Pokemon Master. And in order to become one, you need to collect one hundred fifty one pocket monsters just by simply defeating a bunch of enemies in the game. Some of the rivals that will be encountered are the eight gym leaders, the evil Team Rockets, Gary who is also called as “Blue” (I am sure that the developers took a comprehensive research in giving this name to the character), and finally, the Elite Four. It may not be that seriously heroic, but I think that the developers’ intention is simply to entertain the kids. Besides, the main principle of the entire game was just to collect cute monsters with different unique characteristics every kid would love.

More on the Gameplay: 8

The game will let you explore typical eight-bit Overworld and look for Pokemons which you could find on patches of grass, or waters and even caves. Aside from that, you also need to weaken the Pokemon with the use of a Pokeball. The point of the entire game is to collect Pokemon just by overcoming and defeating trainers that you will encounter. However, you must not forget that you cannot complete the 151 Pokemons in just a single game.  If you really want to increase the number of pocket monsters you have, then you can also trade it to Blue and Red. Aside from that you can also get the chance to fight against trainers if you really want to acquire six Pokemons of different kinds. For you to earn your money in the game, you also have to beat those trainers.

Pokemon Red Gameboy Rom Download

The good thing about this game is that you can level up your monsters by evolving them into a new and improved kind. By achieving this, you must first bear in mind that your training helps you a lot in your success if you really want to collect six different kinds of Pokemon simultaneously.  You can also swap your current pocket monsters to the ones stored in your personal computers.

It is so easy to understand the mechanics of the battle system. You are provided with items that will help in restoring your health, ailments, and other weak condition of Pokemons as well as to capture Pokemons that are untamed and hard to control. The four different attacks given to you play a very useful part in your battle quest. Another thing to consider is the fact that there are some Pokemons who seem to be weaker than the other one, so it is best to upgrade and evolve your Pokemons to improve your battling performance. For example, you cannot defeat a Fire powered Pokemon over a Grass type Pokemon. In addition to that, Picachu as one of the famous Pokemons will find it hard to damage a Rock type Pokemon. Along with these different characteristics of each Pokemon are the different capacities and capabilities each monster possesses.

You may find it a bit confusing at first but you will eventually understand how it works. Sometimes, in your attempt to collect all the Pokemons, there are some menus of the game that are exasperating to search because of the fact that you have to trade two different games. However the entire system is absolutely well done.


The Challenge of the Game: 7

The game works easily. To beat everyone in the game, you should be able to know how to do not just your own thing but the proper way of defeating other Pokemons too. It really challenges your patience to collect the monsters in your Pokedex. Other obstacles to overcome in the game are the Elite four and Gym Leaders who are willing to stand in your way just to make things harder for you in your quest in collecting Pokemons. But if you are so impatient and lazy enough to do everything, then expect that your game will be frustrating and blown up in the next couple of hours.

How about the Controls?: 7

Unlike the Gameboy which has three main buttons, the controls for this game are very basic. It is so simple to manipulate things but the problem I got with this game is that menus are not user friendly. They are very slow to navigate that makes it a bit time consuming. But to sum it all, it is just fine. Nothing big really annoyed me after all.


More about the Graphics: 8

Pokemon Red is well made by developers. I have no question about the quality of the graphics because Pokemon for a Game Boy really looked superior. Though the game is monochromatic, the graphics are very well made and are in really good quality. Everything you can see in the screen is simple. From the Overworld, to the perspective you are looking, up to the character that appears, everything you see is simple. I must remind you that the Pokemons in newer version were changed. Some Pokemons are not similar with Anime. Anime came after this game which first came out in the year 1996. If you are playing 3D games then I must warn you that you might not like the graphics. But on the positive side, it looks great on Sprites.

On the Quality of Sound:

I give my two thumbs up on the sound quality of Pokemon Red. Most of the time, I enjoyed the music. Almost all the music that were played during battle games are terrific and as the games are getting tougher and tougher with hard-hitting enemies, the music as well is gradually intensifying.

Though they used basic sound effects, I can say that the Game Boy makes them sound pretty good. I like it when Pokemons change their voices.

About the Atmosphere: 7

This game just feels good but nothing in this game really caused me to get so immersed into. Sometimes it is so lame that makes me feel like I am just training a Pokemon. But to be honest, that was fine with me and I am satisfied with it.

Multiplayer: 8

It is very simple to manipulate the multiplaying aspect of this game. You only need to have a friend with a Game Boy and a Link Cable then you can now start playing against a trainer who has a lot of strategies to use against you. With this, it can make you feel happy and and entertained at the same time. It is definitely a lot of fun playing this game. Since we all know that Pokemons can evolve, it is also interesting to trade Pokemons to have a new and improved one.

On Playing the Game Again: 8

It is definitely because of getting my team increase in power that makes me want to play it over and over again. I really enjoy beating the Four Elite endlessly because it is very challenging and fun at the same time. And if you really have the energy to wait, then you better try your luck collecting all of the Pokemons. Remember, that it takes a lot of patience and courage to win the game.


The battle system is well organized, with a good application of graphics, plus the fact that it makes you go crazy to play it again and again.



You need to buy two games to complete your Pokemon collection unless you could have someone else to trade with you, combined with Wimpy Al plus another factor from a bad menu.

Is it good to avail it?

Absolutely yes! This is one of the best games created for the Game Boy and the good thing about it is that it is very accessible and available at all game stores.


General Impression:

Pokemon is the main reason why people should buy the old school game boy and it is definitely one of a kind. Though it may be too old as compared to the quality of the latest games today, it is still marketable and a very incredible game. Thanks to the five years spent by Game Freak!