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Pokemon Ranger rom

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue rescue team and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red rescue team are a pair of games meant for the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance respectively. With the exception of the Blue version getting benefit because of the dual-screen features and the graphical capabilities of Nintendo DS, both these versions are almost same.

The game play is different from the previous Pokemon games. The player begins as a human who will eventually turn into a Pokemon. There is a personality quiz in the beginning which determines the player’s starter Pokemon out of 16 different Pokemon. The partner Pokemon is chosen by the player out of 10 different Pokemon. The player’s gender determines which Pokemon the player is.

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Pokemon Ranger Rom

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Also, the partner Pokemon’s type and the player’s Pokemon type cannot be alike. The main character and his partner Pokemon form a team called as Rescue Team. After winning a battle, other Pokemon can join the Rescue Team if the player owns that Pokemon’s ‘Friend Area’. Also, player can search for a job on the bulletin board like delivering items or escorting clients. After completing a job, the player receives a reward.

The player can wield a number of items like Gummis (exclusive to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon), berries, TM etc. IQ is a new add-on feature. It increases by eating Gummis. More is the Gummi’s type matching to the Pokemon’s type, more is the increase. As the IQ increase new skills are acquired by Pokemon which help in winning a battle. Unlike the previous games, this title permits the player to fight with legendary Pokemon as many times as he wants until they come in his rescue team. 

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