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Battle Revolution Wii Rom

Pokemon Battle Revolution is the first Wii avatar of the Pokemon video game franchise and also the first Wii game to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection in North America and Japan and the first Wii/Nintendo DS linked title.

Pokemon Battle Revolution consists of eleven different colosseums in Poketopia; a theme park custom built for Pokemon battles. It also includes stadiums with special effects, choosing order of opponent’s Pokemon, randomize player’s Pokemon and Pokemon fights in spectacular style against opponents.

In Colosseum mode, player will challenge trainers around Pokétopia. The Gateway Colosseum is only open to a rental pass holder. As the player progresses rented Pokemon’s level increases and become more powerful. Pokemon’s attacks are much more diverse as each pokemon has its own animation which features both the attacking and the defending Pokemon on the screen at the same time which is an upper hand to the previous console titles that showed one Pokemon attacking and then the second getting hit by the attack.

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Battle Revolution Rom for Wii

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Revolution Rom for Wii

This title also features two online modes. First one is Battle with a friend which allows a player to battle with their friends over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection using Friend Codes which are saved to a roster, upto 60 friends can be saved on the roster and the second one is Battle with someone in which goal is to battle a random opponent through a series of Colosseums, each with its own set of rules and challenges. When playing online random battles, the players customized settings and Pokemon nicknames are all changed automatically to its native nation’s default. Pokemon Battle Revolution Rom® Download Nintendo Wii ROMs.

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